fuzzictube : sound and fun for guitarplayers... you will love it !

prototyp of fuzzictube
prototyp of fuzzictube


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Music should be fun and sound good!

Yes, that is what the audience wants and it is also what we guitarists say.

But not long after the guitar is connected, one might think that was only a dream.

The guitar sounds, depending on where you stand, either much too quiet or way too loud.

Conclusion: The sound distribution of a commercially available guitar speaker is poor and leads to the well-known negative reactions among both the audience and performers ( See the pictures beyond ( See the pictures beyond >visualization sounddistribution)

Fuzzictube is my solution for bringing those who desire the perfect sound closer to that goal.

Consequently, this new guitar speaker concept pursues the goal of an optimal sound distribution in the room ( See the pictures beyond > visuslization sounddistribution )

In contrast to ordinary guitar speakers, the main feature of fuzzictube is the indirect and near 360° sound distribution.

Experiences with the prototype in the rehearsal room and on the stage, have been fun.

No, more than fun. It was, in all modesty – simply sensational!

Our enthusiasm as musicians for the transparent, penetrating sound we could hear equally well in every part of the room, resulted in an ineffable sensation of joy.

For the very first time the audience, organizer and even the man at the mixing console had no complaints at all, although the volume was sometimes quite loud!

I think fuzzictube is a real enrichment for the audience and the musicians.

To make fuzzictube available to all, I am now looking for partners to produce the fuzzictube and include it in their product portfolio.

In addition, I still have some ideas for fuzzictube variations.

Apart from functional aspects, this also involves design questions.

I wish you all a lot of fun while browsing on my website. 

I am looking forward to your questions, criticism, suggestions and other comments.

Uli Vorrath

visualization soundistribution

The simulation model is a simple box, whih is pastet with highrefecting foil.

Inside the box a led-lamp simulates the sound distribution of a loudspeaker.

The pictures beyond are taken in a dark room and without flashlights to make shure, that the pocketlamb is responseable for any light you see.

So the lamb simulates the output of the loudspeker and the reflections of the sound in a room.

I can say, that the second picture is showing what i realy hear by using fuzziccube.

1. Sounddistribution of a classic guitarspeaker simulatet by a lamp.
1. Sounddistribution of a classic guitarspeaker simulatet by a lamp.
Sound-Distribution of a classic guitar-loudspeaker .It is focussing and the musician is playing in the dark. So he will  hear allmost norhing of what he is playing.

2. Soundistribution oft fuzzictube simulatet by a lamp.
2. Soundistribution oft fuzzictube simulatet by a lamp.

fuzzictube is distributing the sound in a better way. So the musians and the audience can hear it perfectly.