The prototype of fuzzictube is a semi-open guitars speaker that can be quickly and easily turned into a closed speaker.

The main design feature is the ground-facing loudspeaker.

It is installed at a certain angle of inclination and distance from the floor, thus creating the desired reflections.

In contrast to omnidirectional loudspeakers, which are known from the hi-fi range, the box has a dominant radiation direction.

As a result, the sound propagates around the box, but develops its main force in the area of ​​the sound field.

So the sound stays focused and effective!

Together with the exit of the sound on the back of the loudspeaker, a full spatial sound is created.

Fuzzictube is designed to spin through the box or move the transparent sound diaphragm in the top of the box reacts differential to the local Space geometry.

Thus, reflection surfaces can be used for the sound distribution.

In certain cases, a wall next to the box can become a huge acoustic baffle!

Due to the described construction, fuzzictube always provides perfect monitoring for the musician and the whole band.

fuzzictube construction-sketch
fuzzictube construction-sketch